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The 22 Best Handheld Vacuums For Carpet in January 2022

Choose up soil, tidy, and grime with these contraptions. These Best Handheld Vacuums For Carpet may be little, but they work on extreme messes.

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Carpets are great at covering up the earth, and that’s precisely what makes them so difficult to clean. Not each handheld vacuum is up to the work. Handheld vacuums are an incredible alternative in the event that you're looking to clean little spills around the domestic. They're lightweight, versatile, and due to their little estimate, they're convenient when handling more troublesome or uneven landscapes like interior your car or on your stairs.

A few adhere or canister handheld vacuums to have a handheld arrangement, making them indeed more flexible on the off chance that you would like to clean bigger ranges. Shockingly, handheld vacuums tend to have little earth compartments. On the off chance that they're cordless, they may too have a shorter persistent battery life than non-handheld vacuums.


1. Black+Decker DustBuster CHV1410L

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)

The cordless Black+Decker DustBuster picks up about all the flotsam and jetsam in our uncovered floor and carpet tests—no little deed for a handheld vacuum. Our engineers note that it’s simple to put this demonstration on its charger with a fulfilling "press" to affirm the association. The channel is cozily set interior the dustbin and is simple to expel and purge, which may be a reason it gains a Fabulous rating in our outflows test. This model doesn’t come with separable apparatuses but features a built-in slide-out cleft instrument and a pop-out brush. It's a small noisier than the competition and makes a light shrieking sound after you turn it on. (1)

3. Black+Decker Flex BDKBDH2020FLFH

 Roll over image to zoom in       VIDEO  BLACK+DECKER BDKBDH2020FLFH 20-Volt MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Floor Head & Pet Hair Brush

With a hose built into the plan, the compact, cord-free Black+Decker Flex makes it simple to suction up flotsam and jetsam in hard-to-reach places, like beneath a car situate or behind your washer. It wins an Amazing rating in our outflows test, which suggests there’s less tidy and debris within the discussion after you vacuum. It moreover comes with an elastic pet-hair connection that makes a difference evacuate more hair since it doesn’t adhere to the elastic and goes straightforwardly into the suction tube. The dustbin is marginally troublesome to expel, and you might need to reach the interior to launch all the gunk when purging this show over a junk can.

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4. Hoover ONEPWR BH57005

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, Battery Powered, Lightweight, BH57005, White

The Hoover ONEPWR BH57005 is a portion of the company's cordless cleaning framework, which employments conversely lithium-ion batteries in nine distinctive items, counting this show, a adhere vacuum and other floor-cleaning machines. This handheld pros our bare-floor cleaning test, gaining an Amazing rating. And it does well in other key cleaning tests, counting cleaning carpet, expelling pet hair, and getting coarseness out of the edges along with dividers. A hole instrument gives you a longer reach. (2)

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Consider the measure of your domestic as well as in case you’ll get to carry your handheld vacuum up a set (or two) of stairs. A few of the models on our list are ultra-light, permitting for simpler compactness and utilization, whereas others may be heftier but offer more choices and power.


If the floors of your house are secured with a fair one type of carpet, that’s one thing, but on the off chance that you've got a mix of diverse floorings and carpets, you will need to consider a handheld vacuum that provides more flexibility. A few are built to alter to different floor sorts, whereas others are equipped toward certain styles of carpet or flooring. To think around what sort of channels you incline toward — there are both expendable and launderable options.


Most handheld vacuums will handle fundamental soil and clean, but in case you've got pets or in case individuals in your domestic are unfavorably susceptible to tidy, you might need to choose a more capable handheld vacuum. You'll also want to consider those with variable control settings on the off chance that you've got diverse sorts of carpets.

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How do I utilize a handheld vacuum cleaner on the carpet?

If you need to clean your carpet altogether, take your time. Evacuate deterrents, objects, and indeed huge flotsam and jetsam by hand some time recently getting begun. At that point begin handheld vacuuming gradually in flawless, somewhat covering lines. In case you surge this prepare, you're more likely to miss soil that's particularly followed into the carpet's strands. Once you reach the conclusion of the carpet, go over it once more within the opposite direction in arrange to form beyond any doubt you get each final bit of tidy and dirt.

How frequently ought to I handheld vacuum carpet?

As a run the show, you ought to handheld vacuum carpet once a week. But, depending on the foot activity and action that your carpet sees, you will got to handheld vacuum more as often as possible. Pet proprietors and sensitivity sufferers in specific may have to be clean their carpets more regularly than others, as much as three times a week.

Is a packed away or bagless handheld vacuum way better for cleaning carpet?

Carpets can be magnets for clean, dander, and other family allergens, so hypersensitivity sufferers may advantage from employing a bagged handheld vacuum, which more successfully seals off the flotsam and jetsam it amasses than bagless handheld vacuums, on their carpets. In case allergens aren't a concern of yours, you'll be able take off this choice up to individual preference.

Final Thoughts

Not each mess warrants hauling out your overwhelming upright vacuum cleaner. Now and then you fair have to be snatch something rapidly to pick up stray scraps, pet hair, and flotsam and jetsam. Usually why everybody needs a cordless, lightweight hand vacuum in expansion to a bigger multi-surface vacuum. These handheld cleaners aren’t implied to handle entire-home messes (in spite of the fact that they may claim to); they’re planned for spot cleaning. Furthermore, they’re especially helpful for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and texture because of how simple they are to carry.

There are a number of distinctive sorts of handheld vacuums — corded, cordless, and those with HEPA channels. Whereas corded handheld vacuums ordinarily offer way better, more capable suction, we centered on testing cordless models, as they offer more cleaning adaptability — which is the full point of having a handheld vacuum as a supplemental cleaning device. When buying a cordless handheld vacuum, you’ll want to consider some key variables to form beyond any doubt you’re getting exactly what you would like for your domestic and way of life. Consider suction control, container capacity, battery execution, adornments, and cost as your major in choosing the best handheld vacuum for carpet.

Whatever your budget or which Vacuums you are looking for, our list of the best handheld vacuum for carpet will help you find the one that's right for you:

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