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Best Ilife Robot Vacuums Cleaner - The 11 Top Choices in 2022

Once you conversation almost iLife and their robot vacuum cleaners, you’re talking around a well-known and set up company that gives its clients a wide assortment of items and alternatives. The iLife portfolio primarily focuses on its A or V Arrangement gadgets. You can be astounded to memorize, in any case, that the company moreover contains a line known as the X Series.

With its A Arrangement, you’ll discover the iLife A4 and A6 gadgets. The iLife V arrangement comprises of the V1, V3, V5, and V7. Whereas numerous of these Best iLife Robot Vacuums have comparative highlights, they too shift in capabilities, innovations, and options.

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You will as of now be mindful of iLife and its list of robot vacuums; be that as it may, the address remains as to whether or not one stands out among the others. What takes after could be a high-level survey of each of the shrewd vacuums accessible with iLife. Ideally, this direct will assist you to recognize which one will work best for you and your cleaning needs.


1. iLife A4S

Pros Cons
Improved carpet cleaning performance. Remote with LCD included. Two charging modes offer expanded battery The device does not have wifi capability

The ILIFE A4s is essentially an upgraded form of the A4. Both have exceptionally comparative highlights with a couple of special cases. The A4S offers improved execution on carpets and does distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved" a higher work of collecting soil and flotsam and jetsam that will cause sensitivities. Furthermore, the A4Sincludes a farther with an LCD and a battery with expanded battery life.

2. iLife A6

Pros Cons
  • Cleans expansive zones extending from 180 to 200 square meters
  • Electrowalls offers boundary markers to keep the vacuum contained inside a particular area
  • Generation 2 Tornado Control cleaning system
  • Lasts for 160 minutes on a single charge. Slim design. Designed to handle both cleaning and vacuuming
  • Does not back wifi
  • No damp mopping

One of the more current robot vacuums advertised by iLife is its ILIFE A6. This gadget offers clients upgraded advances and highlights just like the company’s second-generation Cyclone Power cleaning framework. Just like the A4, the A6 features a low profile that gives maybe a smooth appearance. There will be no issues with route and maneuverability when it comes to this robot vacuum. The Era 2 Cyclone Control that the A6 brags could be a step up for iLife.

The unused framework incorporates its BladeAway elastic brush. This brush is within the shape of a winding and assembles soil and flotsam and jetsam into its expansive dustbin with its capable suction. In expansion to its makes strides control framework, iLife has optimized the engine on the A6 to form the vacuum more efficiently.

With its thin plan, the A6 has made a case for being the slimmest robot vacuum accessible on the advertisement. You won’t have any issues with the A6 getting stuck because it gets beneath furniture and beds without issue. It'll clean around toilets, chairs, and into the profound corners of your domestic where earth likes to gather.

You’ll appreciate the high-capacity battery built into the A6. This battery ensures that the A6 has sufficient time to induce the whole house cleaned. It'll run for up to 160 minutes, covering a range of between 180 and 200 square meters. In conclusion, the A6 offers its Electrowalls, which are undetectable obstructions that serve as a way to limit the gadget to clean as it were certain zones or rooms.

3. iLife V3S

Pros Cons
  • Includes a inaccessible with an LCD for ease of operation
  • The V3S has the capacity to hoover, clear, and clean all at the same time
  • With its HEPA channels, the V3S makes a difference with allergies
  • High suction picks up more earth and debris
  • Cleans between 120 and 150 square meters
  • Large RoadRover wheels grant the robot vacuum the capacity to clean anyplace in your home 
  • No damp cleaning capability
  • Sometimes has inconvenience with navigation

The iLife V3S Pro is the overhauled adaptation of the iLife V3. You’ll appreciate numerous more highlights and upgrades with this robot vacuum, counting a few cleaning alternatives and away better routes. Its effective suction capabilities at the side its other highlights make the V3S one of the way better robot vacuum cleaners accessible on the market.

The V3S stands at three inches tall which implies it has the capacity to clean lovely much anyplace you wish it to. Also, this robot vacuum has RoadRover wheels. These expansive wheels permit the V3S to move around your domestic effortlessly, which the robot vacuum can do much appreciated to its progressed route system.

If you’re pondering approximately cleaning execution, the V3S can vacuum, clean, and wipe all at the same time. With its progressed brushes, this robot vacuum clears the sides of your floor as well as the edges of the dividers.

The V3S moreover contains an effective engine that gives solid suction, so you know indeed the foremost challenging of zones will get clean. The V3S and V3S Professional may as it were be able to offer dry cleaning; in any case, this is often still a strong vacuum cleaner and can truly get your domestic clean in the event that you've got a parcel of pet hair. In expansion to all of its cleaning capabilities, the V3S moreover gives a farther control for the unit. In conclusion, like numerous other Best iLife Robot Vacuums, the V3S has conventional highlights like planned cleanings and self-docking capabilities.

4. iLife V5S

Pros Cons
  • Ability to hoover, clear, and clean at the same time
  • Both damp and dry wiping capability
  • Can be charged physically or through self-charging
  • Large RoadRover wheels for simpler navigation
  • Remote control included for ease-of-use
Does not have wifi connectivity

Another incredible robot vacuum within the iLife lineup is the iLife V5s Pro 2-in-1 gadget. This vacuum is comparative to the other vacuums within the V arrangement, be that as it may, the V5S steps things up a bit with numerous unused highlights, one of which incorporates the capacity to perform both damp and dry mopping.

The V5S offers a strong cleaning framework, bragging iLife’s, to begin with, the era CyclonePower cleaning framework. This framework gives a total and exhaustive cleaning each time your robot vacuum performs a cycle, all whereas wearing a capable engine that comes about in special case suction capabilities.

Just like the V3S, the V5S comes in a standard form and a Professional adaptation. The V5S Master offers a more effective engine that features a higher suction control. This highlight is especially handy in case you have got a part of the tall heap carpet that got to be cleaned regularly. Also, the V5S Master gives clients its i-Dropping innovation, which makes productive utilize of its water when mopping.

Other capabilities of the V5S robot vacuums incorporate extra sensors, like a deterrent sensor to dodge hindrances and a cliff sensor, so the gadget doesn’t topple the ground floor when it comes to a dropoff. The V5S moreover incorporates four different cleaning modes, self-docking capacities, and planned cleanings. Tragically, it does not offer wifi connectivity. (1)

Buying Guides

Choosing the Best iLife robot vacuum may be a challenging decision, generally, since each individual and domestic has its possess particular cleaning needs. You'll require a vacuum that specializes in one include whereas you might need something of the inverse. That being said, you truly can’t go off-base with any of the vacuums within the iLife lineup.

iLife robot vacuums are high-quality devices that will grant your domestic a total and completely clean each time it runs. These gadgets don’t bolster a few of the foremost later innovations like wifi or a smartphone app, in any case, in any other category, these robot vacuums hold they possess indeed when compared with a few of the more recognizable brands.

In the event that you're within the showcase for a robot vacuum and require a mixture of both execution and unwavering quality, at that point, you'll go off-base with a gadget from iLife.

Any of the robot vacuum cleaners in this article will give you a quality cleaning encounter. It’s up to you to choose which one makes the foremost sense for your cleaning needs.


1. I'm inquisitive on the off chance that I set this to wipe my kitchen will it remain within the kitchen?

You would put something to piece of the other rooms, or it'll travel the whole floor of the house. It's not an issue to fair put an overwhelming boot or a few other things within the doorway after you take off the house to keep it in one room.

2. What is the contrast between v7s and v5s?

Hello, the v7s are bigger than v5s, and the control of cleaning is more grounded, and the working sound is quieter.

3. Why is the suction control of the v7s at 400pa half of that of the v5/v5s at 800pa? I am speculating its vacuuming is less effective?

Really do not know, but I think perhaps is for the kind of floor. The v7 has brushes rolled within the vacuum entrance. And v5 does not. I think v7 is more viable in carpets.

Final Thoughts

Whereas it may not be the foremost prevalent gadget within the iLife lineup, the iLife B5 Max is still jam-packed with convenient highlights. This robot is can reach about any portion of your house, so you know your whole domestic will get a careful clean. It also includes iLife’s Violent wind Control cleaning framework, so you'll be able to be beyond any doubt you’ll get incredible results.

On the drawback, the B5 does not handle high-pile carpet exceptionally well, generally due to the truth that its brush isn’t motorized. In any case, the gadget offers both damp and dry wiping, giving clients a .3 liter water tank and a dustbin that holds the same sum of flotsam and jetsam. This implies you don’t ought to meditate as regularly as you might with other robot vacuums.

Not as it were does the B5 provide a prevalent clean, but it too offers an awesome route encounter. It incorporates boundary markers to assist keep the robot vacuum from meandering into particular regions. You’ll too get an inaccessible control with the gadget, alongside low-noise operation, planned cleaning, self-charging, and a robot vacuum that can clean a decently huge zone.

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