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11 Best Samsung Robot Vacuums Cleaner - Top Picks & Reviews 2022

Robot vacuums never get bored or diverted, and they don’t intellect working each day. In most homes, they keep the floors clean with scarcely any effort—pet hair and scraps vanish some time recently you indeed take note a mess. After testing handfuls of bots, counting expensive machines that can moreover clean, purge themselves, or attempt (in unsuccessful) to direct around pet squander, we think most individuals ought to see, to begin with Best Samsung Robot Vacuums.

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Automated vacuums request to a wide shopper base that ranges from techno devotees to active property holders. Too, individuals who have versatility and joint issues like these apparatuses since they offer a hands-free vacuuming involvement.


Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot Vacuum

The Samsung POWERbot R7010 Airborne isn’t the foremost stacked robot vacuum, but it has numerous of the finest highlights that Samsung needs to offer, counting 20-watt cyclonic suction. Its 11.45-inch brush roll has three sorts of bristles to assist it vacuum difficult and carpeted floors. When it’s on a carpet, the robot vac automatically increases its suction to donate you an intensive clean.

It’s moreover able to induce the soil and tidy along your baseboard. Because it comes close to a divider, the vacuum discharges an elastic sweeper that draws dirt and flotsam and jetsam toward the channel and into the 0.3-liter tidy container where fine clean is caught by a launderable channel. In expansion to its edge-cleaning capability, the robot vac encompasses a spot-cleaning mode that can be gotten to through the onboard touch button panel.

You'll moreover set a day-by-day plan that tells the robot to clean at the same time each day, and the mechanical vacuum docks itself to energize, which takes almost 4 hours. With a cleaning speed of 12.6 inches per moment, this Samsung robot vacuum can get a parcel done amid its 60-minute run time.

Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

In case you’re on a budget but need a robot vacuum with a Wi-Fi network, the Samsung POWERbot R7040 may be an awesome choice. The R7040 is consistent with the Shrewd Things app for smartphones as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Domestic, so you'll control the mechanical vacuum whereas absent from domestic or by voice.

You get farther, which lets you set every day or one-time plan. Too, the farther permits you to alter the suction speed, physically drive the robot, spot clean, and rehash clean a room until the battery should be revived. In the event that you incline toward, these capacities are open through the onboard touch buttons and computerized display.

Of course, it’s prepared with a bounty of maneuverability highlights, like its wide combo-bristle rolling brush. You don’t get to stress around messy baseboards much appreciated the Edge Clean Ace side brush, and its EasyPass Wheels offer assistance it easily move from one-floor sort to another. It’s moreover fast, cleaning at a rate of 32 centimeters per moment for 1 hour per charge cycle, and the vacuum can self-dock and auto-resume.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

There is a parcel of ways to customize your cleaning involvement with the self-docking Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum. Its variable-speed engine has the capacity to create up to 20 watts of suction that shifts depending on the floor it’s vacuuming. You'll moreover alter the suction speed to ordinary, max, or calm, which offers a 90-minute run time. 
It includes a spot mode and auto mode, which can run on a cleaning plan modified by you. On the other hand, you'll drive the robot vac on the off chance that you set it to manual mode. In any mode, it moves quickly at 32 centimeters per moment, and the robot vacuum’s tangle-reducing combo brush and edge-cleaning brush quickly evacuate soil and tidy whereas the larger than average wheels explore carpets with ease.

As distant as controlling the robot vac’s capacities, there are a few choices. You'll be able to utilize the touch buttons underneath the vacuum’s advanced show; be that as it may, the more helpful way is through the included remote. If you've got a smartphone, you'll be able to screen its developments from the scope outline. You will moreover control it with voice commands through Alexa or Partner.

Samsung POWERbot R7070 Robot Vacuum

In the event that you've got pets, you’ll appreciate the brush that Samsung put on the POWERbot R7070. This 11.4-inch-long brush roll can clean itself by dislodging tangled hair, sparing you time and inconvenience. It too encompasses a wide rubberized brush that drops down when the robot vacuum comes close a divider, keeping each edge and corner spic and span.

There are three sorts of suction speeds and cleaning modes from which to select. On the off chance that it’s in auto mode, the robot vacuum will increment the suction up to 20 watts when it cleans carpets, and it'll clean on a single or rehashing plan. There are moreover two side wheels that adjust to any floor, moving the robot vacuum at a noteworthy speed of 32 centimeters per second.

In calm mode, the robot vacuum works for 90 minutes per battery cycle, taking itself to the dock when it needs an energizer and continuing where it cleared out off once the battery is renewed. In spite of the fact that the smooth touch buttons and computerized show are a delight to utilize, its Wi-Fi capability implies you'll be able to interface the robot vacuum to a smartphone or virtual domestic assistant. (1)

Buying Guides

Indeed in spite of the fact that it’s a newcomer to robotized vacuuming innovation, it won’t be long some time recently Samsung gets the beat spot among its competitors. Whereas all of the company’s automated vacuum cleaners are of the most elevated quality, you shouldn’t purchase the primary one you discover in your cost range.

Take a see at many of the highlights you'll be able get sometime recently opening your wallet, so you'll be select the Best Samsung robot Vacuums for you.


In spite of the fact that you will not think it’s vital, the tallness of a automated vacuum is worth considering. A few of Samsung’s robot vacs are beneath 4 inches tall whereas others are over 5 inches in stature. Make beyond any doubt you take a look at the vacuum’s specs sometime recently you make a decision.

If you've got a parcel of furniture or hate moving that overwhelming couch when it’s time to hoover, you would like a robo vac with a moo profile. On the other hand, in case the rooms in your house are more moderate than cozy otherwise you aren’t that fastidious approximately vacuuming in places you can’t see, at that point, the vacuum’s tallness is less of a concern.


Each Samsung robot vac is prepared with a brush roll, but a few are diverse from others. There's the combo brush roll, which is attached with three sorts of bristles to altogether clean all floors. This brush bar ranges in width from 11.45 to 12.2 inches, with the marginally more extensive ones found on R9000-line models: Samsung POWERbot R9250

There are too a few robot with self-cleaning brushrolls that can evacuate tangled hair without human mediation. These rolling brushes are 11.45 inches wide. Numerous vacuums contain an Edge Clean Ace brush. Not at all like the wispy turning brushes utilized by other brands, this edge brush remains covered up until the vacuum faculties a divider. At that point, the elastic brush drops down, clearing in clean and soil in one motion.


One include that doesn’t contrast from one demonstrate to the another is the battery interior of these robot vacuums. Rather than nickel-metal hydride batteries that lose capacity over time and nickel-cadmium assortments that are natural risks, Samsung employments 21.6-volt lithium-ion batteries for all its robot.

With a lithium-ion battery of this caliber, every vacuum cleaner demonstrate encompasses a long run time that can final 1 hour or longer. It moreover doesn’t take much time for the battery to revive with 4 hours being the normal. All of Samsung’s robo vacs self-dock; in any case, a few models moreover continue cleaning from the spot where they ceased some time recently driving to the dock.


Controls shift concurring to whether the robot vacuum has Wi-Fi capability. Those without Wi-Fi network as it had on-board touch buttons, and a few models moreover have a Driven show screen. Many without Wi-Fi come with a remote, but most non-connected robot don't have this feature.

Then, there are the robots with Wi-Fi. Each one of these robot vacuums is controllable by means of a smartphone app as well as Google Collaborator and Amazon Alexa. This implies you get a farther network on the go and voice command capacity at whatever point you’re nearby.


Suction speed changes broadly among these robot vacuums. On the lower conclusion, the robo vacs offer 6 and 10 watts of suction control. On the higher conclusion, you’re looking at 20 and indeed 40 watts, which is outstanding.

Virtually each demonstrate is coordinates with a chunk of innovation called Cleverly Control Control. This innovation faculties whether the vacuum is on a difficult floor or carpet, changing the suction speed appropriately. Most of the company’s robot vacuums moreover let you physically alter the speed from normal to turbo; a couple of models have a third choice – calm speed.


These robots have a few of the most excellent set of wheels you'll discover. They are expansive and have tread. With their capacity to raise and lower, transitioning from difficult floors to carpet and back once more is for all intents and purposes faultless. A few remote-equipped models let you utilize the remote’s light bar to draw a way for the vacuum to follow.

You moreover get a few cleaning choices from which to select. All the robot vacs offer auto mode and most have spot mode while some moreover have rehash mode, which cleans a room until the battery is moo as contradicted to progressing to the following room when it’s done. Since the robot vacs move in a deliberate design in auto mode, they can clean a part of the floor in less time than vacuums that move in an arbitrary pattern.


Of course, no robot is total without a clean canister. Be that as it may, the canisters on Samsung automated vacuums shift in the estimate. There are little ones that hold 0.3 liters of earth and flotsam and jetsam and bigger ones that can contain up to 0.7 liters.

While it’s standard for a clean container to have a channel, the channels that Samsung employments are launderable, sparing you important cash on support. Most robot models too come with a pre-filter that secures the most channel and a deplete channel that avoids any remaining clean from entering the air.

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1. When Did Samsung Start Making Robot Vacuums?

Samsung has long been proclaimed for its cutting-edge approach to buyer gadgets. In case you’ve ever possessed one of Samsung’s System S smartphones, you know how these phones blow absent the competition. Right now, Samsung makes items that go past tvs and smartphones.

Several a long time prior, the company chosen to require its innovation know-how and apply it to the developing showcase of keen domestic apparatuses by building the POWERot VR9000. Since the VR9000, the company has included other demonstrate arrangements to its collection of robot vacuums, such as the R9000s, R7000s, Basics and some others.

2. What Features Are Available on Samsung Robot Vacuums?

No matter what demonstrate you see at, each one is jam-packed full of incredible highlights. Of course, each demonstrate changes in terms of what it can do. In any case, Samsung planned its automated vacuums with two fundamental standards in intellect – solid suction and shrewdly maneuverability: Cyclone Force Technology, Full View Sensor 2.0, Visionary Mapping Plus

3. Is a Samsung Robot Vacuum Right for Me?

Mechanical vacuums are not one-size-fits-all machines. The one you select ought to fit your way of life. Fortunately, the Best Samsung robot vacuums are made to meet the requirements of numerous individuals, so it’s simple to discover one that falls in line together with your budget and your wish list.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to capabilities, robot vacuums can drop anyplace on the highlights range. Whereas a few high-end models can vacuum a medium and high-pile carpet, most are controlled to the uncovered floor and low-pile carpet cleaning. Hence, a few depend on fair suction to urge the work done whereas others have a rolling brush and side brushes.

Some models permit you to select from among numerous vacuuming modes, counting programmed schedules, and spot cleaning that you simply can alter by means of an inaccessible. At that point, there are those that as it were have an auto mode, and they, as a rule, don’t come with an inaccessible control.

You can even find the Best Samsung Robot Vacuums that are prepared with a Wi-Fi network, permitting you to put through them to smartphones and virtual domestic assistants.

Below are our other recommendations for different criteria of Best Samsung Robot Vacuums:


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